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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Activity reports

Each PIARC Technical Committee and Task Force has prepared its own progress report for the period 2020-2023.

Activity reports present:

  • the list of members who have contributed to the activities,
  • the work programme and organisation,
  • productions (publications, seminars and participation in other events),
  • bibliographical references.

Strategic Theme 1 - Road Administration

Strategic Theme 2 - Mobility

Technical Committee 2.1 - Mobility in urban areas

Technical Committee 2.2 - Accessibility and mobility in rural areas

Technical Committee 2.3 - Freight

Technical Committee 2.4 - Road Networks Operation / Intelligent Transport Systems

Task Force TF2.1 - New mobility and its impact in road infrastructure and transport

Task Force TF2.2 - Electric Road Systems (ERS)

Strategic Theme 3 - Security and Sustainability

Technical Committee 3.1 - Road Safety

Technical Committee 3.2 - Winter Service

Technical Committee 3.3 - Asset Management

Technical Committee 3.4 - Environmental Sustainability in road infrastructure and transport

Task Force TF3.1 - Road infrastructure and transport security

Strategic Theme 4 - Resilient Infrastructure

Terminology Committee

Road Statistics Committee