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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Workshop 10 - Disaster Management Manual: A Guide to Resilient Transportation Systems

Wednesday, October 4 16:30 - 18:00
Chair: Constantin Zbarnea, DMM Chief Editor, TC 1.5 member, Romania
Room: Club A, 1st floor

For disaster management to be effective and efficient, it must be based on a clear understanding of the role and fulfillment of responsibilities of each actor as well as the timely implementation of appropriate interventions. A good disaster management practice is to integrate disaster management into national, provincial and district development plans, and to change the thinking and attitudes of individuals from disaster vulnerability to disaster resilience.
Lessons learned from past disasters can drive the development of new management strategies and new structural intervention and monitoring techniques, can also serve as test cases to evaluate the effectiveness of what has been put in place. In this sense knowledge sharing among road administrations, as well as practical experience, will be crucial.
This workshop will showcase the Disaster Management Manual prepared by PIARC, which offers guidance on effective and efficient strategies and methods for PIARC member countries and regions to manage various disasters. The manual covers basic concepts and case studies, including lessons learned and best practices to apply these basic concepts in practice. These ideas and examples are categorized and cover each stage of the disaster management cycle.

  1. Welcome and session introduction
  2. Presentations
  3. Open discussion and debate
  4. Questions and Answers
  5. Conclusion
  6. Organization

Welcome and session introduction

• Constantin Zbarnea, Chief of the Technical Department of Regional Directorate for Roads and Bridges Iasi (CNAIR-DRDP Iasi), Disaster Management Manual Chief Editor (ROM)


  • Applications of Disaster Management Manual - The case of USA
    Christopher ENGELBRECHT (United States) - Assistant Chief Safety and Operations Officer (Missouri Department of Transportation), PIARC TC 1.5 member
  • Applications of Disaster Management Manual - The case of Indonesia
    Fahmi ALDIAMAR (Indonesia) - Head of Implementation Unit for Geotechnics, Tunnels and Structure, Directorate General of Highway Ministry of Public Works and Housing
  • KIOSK: Cutting edge technologies and their potential application
    Hiroaki TAUCHI (Japan) - Japan Bosai Platform, General Manager of International Geohazard Management Department, Land Infrastructure Development Operations, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

Open discussion and debate

How to develop resilient transportation systems: the role of disaster management manual

Workshop speakers: PIARC TC1.5 WG3 on site members - Workshop onsite participants
• Constantin Zbarnea (Romania)
• Chris Engelbrecht (USA)
• Fahmi Aldiamar (Indonesia)
• Hiroaki Tauchi (Japan)
• Yukio Adachi (Japan)

Questions and Answers

• Moderator: Yukio Adachi, Chair of T.C. 1.5 Disaster Management


• Constantin Zbarnea, Chief of the Technical Department of Regional Directorate for Roads and Bridges Iasi (CNAIR-DRDP Iasi), DMM Chief Editor (ROM)


Session Organiser: Yukio Adachi, Chair of TC 1.5 Disaster Management
Session Secretary: Chris Engelbrecht, Member of TC 1.5