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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 16. Well-prepared projects as a strategy to face uncertainty and to deliver better transportation solutions

  • IP0001 - Achieving Performance in Major Public Infrastructure Projects: The Case of Road Works in Senegal
    Mohamed LAYE

    Road infrastructure provides direct support for the socio-economic development of nations, hence the importance of their role in the socio-economic development of nations. This importance means that overruns of time, costs and quality defects are undesirable results in the management of road projects. However, in Senegal, as worldwide, compliance with these performance criteria continues to be a [...]

  • IP0737 - Building Partnership for Social Innovation

    BUILDING PARTNERSHIP FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION The National Roads Institute (INVIAS) is an entity under the auspices of Colombian Ministry of Transportation, and its functions include the development of policies, plans and projects for roads development, maritime and railway infrastructure. In previous years, the relationship between this public entity with the communities was perceived to be [...]

  • IP0603 - Developing England's third road investment strategy between 2025 and 2030
    James HENRY

    Since 2015, investment in England’s strategic roads has been on a firmer footing, with legislation which provides the certainty of a five-year funding cycle and National Highways gaining independence and flexibility as a government-owned company. This approach has borne fruit through the transformational investments being made under the first Road Investment Strategy (RIS1) in the first road period [...]

  • IP0159 - Implementation of the central planning system of ŘSD ČR for construction preparation management as an effective project tool

    The preparation of major transport works involves a large number of necessary acts, procedures and negotiations with stakeholders. These facts place high demands on coordination and time management to ensure that the preparation and implementation of the construction proceeds, as far as possible, according to the planned schedule and the agreed financial plan. The Road and Motorway Directorate of [...]

  • IP0586 - Infrastructure Financing : The GLOPRAM Model
    Vincent PIRON

    INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCING : THE GLOPRAM MODEL Despite a broad consensus that infrastructure is essential for economic development, investment in infrastructure is far below what is needed. This trend can be explained in part by the difficulty for governments to finance this type of investments in a context of moderate GDP growth and high public debt. The good preparation of projects, which is a prerequisite [...]

  • IP0456 - Monitoring and assessing the front-end development of roads and road transport infrastructure projects
    Monique AUBRY

    Investments in transport infrastructure are crucial in modern economy, that is in all countries independently of their levels of incomes. This infrastructure is usually delivered through a well-known project delivery process. We know quite well the phases of this delivery process and we know that better is the preparation at the front-end phase, better are the chances of the project overall success. [...]

  • IP0360 - Nusantara Capital City: Road Development to Gain Sustainable City of the Future
    Septiyati GANJARSARI

    President of Indonesia announced the relocation of national capital city from Jakarta in Java Island to Nusantara Capital City, called IKN, in Kalimantan Island on August 26th, 2019. The urgency of those movement was justified by the highest population urbanization in ‘Jabodetabekpunjur’ (Jakarta and its hinterlands) as a metropolitan area. The Report of Global Cities estimated that Jakarta would [...]

  • IP0185 - Planning infrastructure project pipeline on appropriate level utilising decision support tools
    Ewa ZOFKA

    A well-thought transport strategy and preparation of investment projects pipeline based on decision support tools are key to responsible spending of public funds for transport agencies at all levels of territorial administration (ministries, road administrations, regions or municipalities). One of the basic aspects of preparing future transport strategy is the assessment of proposed projects effects [...]

  • IP0580 - Prague way to a well-designed project on improving active mobility infrastructure
    Karolina KLIMOVA

    Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. From the political point of view, it splits into 57 municipal districts, where each of them enjoys an equal political autonomy as the capital itself. When it comes to state administration in the field of transport, the city divides into 23 sections, which are not identical with municipal districts. In such a complicated setting, the processing any intervention [...]

  • IP0087 - Progressive Approach Towards Stakeholder Management in Road Construction
    Dyubhele SISANDA

    The primary mandate of a national government is to establish a thriving and sustainable economy that can compete on the global marketplace, whilst proactively managing the overall welfare of its citizens. The national road infrastructure network is a critical enabler for economic performance by enabling mobility that is efficient, resilient, and safe for the movement of people and freight. It is of [...]

  • IP0335 - Risk Management in a Public Works Concession Contract. Who is Best Prepared for its Management?
    Miguel Ángel GARCÍA GÓMEZ

    Autovía de los Llanos, S.A. is the concessionaire company awarded a public works concession contract under the “shadow toll” modality for a section of motorway almost 100 km long in Spain. In this type of contract there are multiple risks to be managed, from those corresponding to the design phases, such as project risk, geotechnical, archaeological risk, etc., or those corresponding to the [...]

  • IP0713 - Tunnels vs Cuts of considerable height on highways.

    The main problems of road infrastructure is poor planning in projects and the need to build them within relatively short deadlines, all of which mainly impacts high construction and maintenance costs during the useful life of a road. Due to the rugged geographical area of ​​our country surrounded mainly by the western and eastern mother mountain ranges and transversely by the Trans-Mexican Neovolcanic [...]

  • IP0351 - Value Engineering in Project Preparation for Better Engineering Services and Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery
    Frieska Evita AYURANANDA

    Infrastructure development is a strategic choice to accelerate economic growth. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), particularly the Directorate General of Highways (DGH), leads the government effort to meet Indonesia’s National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024 target to build 3.000 kilometers of new national roads. However, one of the constraints in meeting the target is inadequate [...]