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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Technical Session 3.3 - Asset Management

Thursday, October 5 09:30 - 13:00
Chair: Mr. Gerardo Flintsch, Chair of PIARC TC 3.3 on Asset Management, USA
Room: South Hall 1, 1st floor

This section will present the main finding of the TC 3.3 Asset Management and examples of innovative approaches and case studies. Asset management is a well-established discipline successfully implemented in several countries for management of roads and other physical asset. The session will highlight some key aspects of the knowledge gained through the cycle documented in several reports and the Web-based electronic PIARC Road Asset Management Manual and case studies showcasing innovative approached and applications and high and low and medium income countries.

Some of the innovations highlighted include: adopting the ISO 55001 that defines the requirements for an asset management system, using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digitalization to enhance the Asset Management over the whole life cycle of the roadway assets, effective approaches for using life-cycle management and risk management in Asset Management, applying defining and implementing measures to improve resilience of road networks, and ways to consider the renewing and rejuvenating of aging infrastructure networks as part of the Asset Management process.

The case studies to be presented include the applicability of satellite monitoring in the context of road asset management, the impact of implementing load-limiting regulations, and the development of a systematic asset management approach for bicycle paths using gamification and artificial intelligence.

  1. Welcome and session introduction
  2. Presentations
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. Presentations
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. Session Closing and conclusion

Welcome and session introduction

• Gerardo Flintsch - TC 3.3 Chair


  • Innovation in Asset Management
    Fernando VARELA
    Antonio MURUAIS
  • The applicability of satellite monitoring in the context of road asset management
    João MORGADO (Infraestruturas de Portugal, Portugal)
  • Measures for improving resilience of road network
    Rade HAJDIN
    Christian HONEGER
  • Risk management and asset management: Implementation on French national free roads
    Hélène KLICH

Questions and Answers

Moderator: Miguel Valdés Flores



  • Renewal and rejuvenation of aging infrastructure
    Pascal TROTTIER
  • Consequences of the Non-Full Application of Regulation 14/2005/CM/UEMOA in Senegal
    Mamadou samba DIALLO (Université, Senegal)
  • Update the Asset Management Manual
    Vittorio NICOLOSI
    Darko KOKOT
  • Towards Systematic Management of Bicycle Paths: A Case Study using Gamification and Artificial Intelligence as Constituent of Service Level Index
    Susanna SUOMELA (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finland)

Questions and Answers

Moderator: Pascal Rossigny

Session Closing and conclusion

• Gerardo Flintsch - TC 3.3 Chair