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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 37. Road transport sustainability and resilience in the context of climate change and energy transition

  • IP0314 - Adaptation to climate change of the Arriaga-San Cristóbal concession in Chiapas. Process and methodology.

    CONCESIONARIA DE AUTOPISTAS DEL SURESTE (CAS) was born with the commitment to promote communication in the State of Chiapas, Mexico, interconnecting the center of the State with the neighboring regions through the Tuxtla Gutiérrez - San Cristóbal and Arriaga - Ocozocoautla Highways efficiently, sustainable and safe. This has been reinforced year after year with a culture based on the asset's commitment [...]

  • IP0172 - Futuring the applicability of road sustainability rating system in Indonesia: More integrated, more complex, and more sustainable?
    Gede Budi SUPRAYOGA

    Background: The rapid growth in the popularity of sustainable roadway systems suggests that a systematic evaluation of the present application is required. First, multiple ways of interpreting and developing the criteria are still subject to further discussion. Second, an evaluation is still needed to ensure whether the institutional elements are adaptive to the implementation besides the ‘technical’ [...]

  • IP0515 - How to save energy, CO2 and costs with modern Transport Technology in Asphalt Construction and Installation
    Martin FLIEGL

    Using modern (transport) technology to avoid premature road damage already during the asphalt installation process - Protecting the environment through lower CO2 emissions and saving the resources through lower power consumption. This paper is about the problems associated with asphalt paving and an approach that enhances paving quality, protects the environment and resources. Usually, three major [...]

  • IP0192 - Pathways to Sustainable Road Transport in India- Addressing Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
    Indranil BOSE

    The climate challenges in India are immense owing to diverse geographical spread and corresponding weather patterns. India is living through a “new climate normal” in which intensifying heat waves, cyclones, droughts, and floods are testing the limits of government, businesses, infrastructure, and citizens to adapt. The Climate Risk Index 2021 (International Environmental Think Tank ‘German [...]

  • IP0703 - Quantifiable Carbon Reduction technical guidance for Local Transport Plans in England
    Betty LEOW

    The 2023 Local Transport Plan (LTP) guidance for Local Authorities in England, issued by the Department for Transport, will embrace best practice for transport planning, moving away from predicting future traffic growth and providing for it, in favour of a vision-led and multi-criteria approach. This is about supporting transport systems to achieve intended outcomes for people, goods and places. [...]

  • IP0353 - Sustainable Development of Road Transport in Indonesia: A Brief Overview of Applied Policy and Technology
    Rido Rizki PERDANA

    Indonesia, an archipelago with more than 17.504 islands, are still relying heavily on road network system for their main logistic and transportation practices. Total length of the road network in Indonesia by 2020 has reached 582.200 km, consisting of 47.017 km national road. According to 2021 World Air Quality Report published by IQAir, worst air quality in Indonesia was measured in the capital city [...]

  • IP0226 - Sustainable mobility: achieving decarbonization through the sustainability science process
    Eric DIMNET

    The paper focuses on the sustainability of road transport and its impact on the environment and society. The road network is expected to grow, making road transport the most used mode in Europe, but this also has adverse environmental and social impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions and high mortality rates. The paper highlights the importance of sustainable road development and the role of [...]

  • IP0396 - The effects of urban transport on air quality: damage to the Sfax area
    Nesrine BOUHAMED

    The city of Sfax in Tunisia constitutes an interesting laboratory for the study of air quality (Azri et al., 2010). It is a dynamic space that deploys economic attractiveness, population growth and vivacity in terms of mobility (Charfi, 2016). This study of air quality in the urban center of Sfax focuses on monitoring, in 2018, the levels of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide [...]

  • IP0245 - Using HDM-4 in Lifecycle Analysis of Carbon Impact of Road Investment Projects
    Michael ANYALA

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has committed through Strategy 2030 to work with its Developing Member Countries (DMCs) to tackle climate change, build climate and disaster resilience, and enhance environmental sustainability through its operations. Linked to this, ADB aims to align its operations with the Paris Agreement on climate change by ensuring all projects follow a low carbon and climate [...]