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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 18. Multimodal transit centers and Mobility hubs – better integration between different mode of transport

  • IP0690 - Design of hybrid public transport networks; a case of Cape Town, South Africa
    Obiora NNENE

    Hybridity in public transport systems refers to the case of satisfying passenger demand through the integration of different modes of public transit. Usually, the resulting operations reflect features of both modes. Furthermore, the hybrid public transport system combines a formal service with fixed schedules with a paratransit service with flexible and unscheduled services. Countries in the Global [...]

  • IP0036 - Experimentation of Public Transport Stops on Motorways in France
    Sandrine ROUSIC

    Faced with the current challenges of daily mobility, express coaches operating on motorways are a relevant alternative to the use of private cars. High service level lines with a good frequency during rush hours make it possible to connect major cities and irrigate less dense peripheral areas that do not necessarily benefit from a rail service. Improving bus travel times, regularity and attractiveness [...]

  • IP0725 - Pilot logistic microdepots in Prague (a case study)
    Karolina KLIMOVA

    In 2020, the first logistics microdepot was opened in Prague. Another followed in 2021. This paper describes the journey from the idea of creating a transshipment point, where loaded vans would enter and only cargobikes and messengers would leave, to the real thing, a real microdepot on the outskirts of a city centre. What to look out for, what not to forget and what to brave on this long journey [...]

  • IP0348 - The way we commute - Pushing India towards Seamless Mobility
    Anupama WARRIER , Sri Navya ANNEM

    The transport sector in India experiences a fragmented approach with a multitude of actors in terms of modes, operators, fares etc. Numerous Mass Transit systems have emerged in Indian cities over the past one decade but they lack integration between various modes available in the city. The way we commute largely depends on time, comfort, cost, safety, security and other reasons. Lack of awareness [...]