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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 4. Innovation and new approaches for the study of mobility of people and goods

  • IP0738 - Anonymized Big Data of Mobile Operators in Services of Prague Public Transport.
    Miroslav VOZNAK

    The paper deals with the correlation between physical and virtual measurements of road traffic intensity for cyclic periodicity and nominal values. The results suggest that data from cellular networks can be used to supplement and provide similarly reliable values in areas where operational conditions limit physical measurements. Another added value of the applied research is the ability to track [...]

  • IP0489 - Cross-border Minibus Taxi Prediction and Optimisation: Case of South Africa, Botswana, eSwatini, and Mozambique
    Zamasibi MSIBI

    Public passenger prediction in transport is enabled by the vast range of big data that is available and enables the understanding of the dynamics of human movement. Public transport operators need to understand passenger movement prediction, disruptions, and delays along different routes. The supply and demand relationship generally shows that cross border road transportation is not at optimal equilibrium [...]

  • IP0317 - How interactive web-based traffic models help decision-making in road management
    Daniel BERAN

    Today, most large and medium-sized cities already have traffic models. They are developed, for example, as part of the process of developing sustainable mobility plans. Most of the time, however, the city traffic model is operated by a private company and developed in desktop software. This means that cities have to order each model and wait for the results. They usually receive these in the form [...]

  • IP0581 - Identifying and solving the problems of access to basic services in rural communities through the Integrated Rural Access Planning system

    The inhabitants of low-income rural communities need basic services to maintain or improve their standard of living, such as health, education, rural roads, employment, transportation services, drink water, socio-administrative services, and where many of these services are located in municipal capitals or communities of regional importance. Therefore, the lack of access to these services is considered [...]

  • IP0555 - Innovation in road traffic forecasting in the Czech Republic and comparison of the forecast with the actual development during a pandemic
    Luděk BARTOŠ

    The traffic forecast is an important basis for cost-effective planning of road network development. In the Czech Republic, forecasts have been produced since 1970. Until 2012, the method of the unified coefficient of traffic development was used. In 2018, the development of traffic modelling and the availability of detailed data enabled a significant innovation in traffic volume forecasting and the [...]

  • IP0574 - Innovations in the Development of UK Transport Statistics
    John WILKINS

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, there rapidly became a need for real-time transport data within the heart of UK government, both for internal and public usage. Like many ministries, the Department for Transport had to rapidly develop its standard data collections, as well as exploring other sources to provide effective insight that met user needs – all whilst maintaining statistical integrity. In [...]

  • IP0694 - Intelligent transport and mobility in the city of Abidjan
    Appoh Charlesbor KOBENAN

    The main economic and demographic centre of Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan is home to 5,616,633 inhabitants, i.e. 20% of the population and 36% of the country's total urban population (I.N.S, 2021). This considerable mass of residents generates a growing need for daily travel to satisfy their need for jobs and housing. In spite of the many transport services available in the economic capital, the problem [...]

  • IP0158 - Method of commissioning, carrying out and recording the results of geotechnical surveys for the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic
    Petra JANKŮ

    One of the basic inputs for choosing the right technical solution for the construction of paved roads in unincorporated areas in all stages of the project documentation is a geotechnical survey carried out in accordance with Eurocode 7, Czech technical standards and technical regulations of the Ministry of Transport. The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (ŘSD), as the largest investor [...]

  • IP0343 - Mobility Pattern Analysis by Mobile-App bigdata
    Jong Hak KIM

    As the cycle of social change is shortened and diversified, it could be affecting the change speed of individual mobility patterns. Personal travel data, identified as a household travel survey, can be collected by mobile phone’s app using GPS technology. App-based mobile big data mining and analysis are necessary to identify individual mobility patterns. A a mobility pattern is composed of continuous [...]

  • IP0519 - Possibilities and Opportunities of the Czech Road and Highway Network Development
    Adela KRENKOVA


  • IP0260 - Ride-Parcel-Pooling: Integrating On-Demand Passenger Transportation and City Logistics
    Fehn FABIAN

    Ride Parcel Pooling (RPP) is the integrated transportation of passengers and parcels. It builds on what's known as on-demand ride-pooling, which dynamicallyassigns customer trips to fleet vehiclesin real time, sharing their rides, and thus aiming to save on driving distances and fleet sizecompared to on-demand ride-hailing services.In the case of RPP, a additionalparcel [...]

  • IP0178 - Study on electronic toll collection system usage in Sri Lanka expressways
    Chunho YEOM

    The electronic toll collection (ETC) system is one of the smart transportation practices in Sri Lanka. The study determines factors of effects when introducing ETC to Sri Lanka expressways. With the country's rapid growth in traffic, even expressways are jammed, especially at toll gates. As the result, the Sri Lankan government has introduced ETC to the expressways. Currently, Sri Lanka has achieved [...]

  • IP0727 - The use of real-time data on distance and travel time in determining the area sensitive to traffic-restrictive measures (a case study)
    Petr KUMPOST

    The proposed paper describes the way, how the distance and travel time data obtained from a route planner could help to predict the consequences of applied measures aiming at restrictions of traffic and subsequently optimize the setting of the measure. In 2021, quite a major intervention was planned for the Prague downtown with the aim of reducing transit traffic here. The measure was based on the [...]

  • IP0189 - Traffic modelling - a case study for the port of Chios island
    George YANNIS

    The present paper presents the background, methodology and results of a detailed traffic analysis study for the expansion and upgrade of the port of Chios island in Greece, and aims to serve as a case study for the efficient application of macroscopic and microscopic traffic simulation models in complex, real world situations. The examined port upgrade involves the expansion of the port area to [...]

  • IP0186 - Use of a big data to calibrate road traffic assignment stage in the National Transport Model ZMR
    Ewa ZOFKA

    Use of decision support tools for the National Road Agencies or Administrations (NRAs) is the undisputable fact nowadays. Modern agencies utilize available or customized digital tools to help them manage huge amounts of data and base on them make decisions revenant to their key business areas such as traffic operations, maintenance, customer service, safety and many more. Every year more and more [...]

  • IP0682 - Water Distribution by Road During the Dry Season In Abidjan: the Case of Motorcycles with Tricycles In Abobo-Te (Côte d’Ivoire)
    Djaliah Florence AKE-AWOMON

    Water is an essential resource that influences all aspects of biological development. Despite the challenges of human society, the unavailability of water resources is a serious problem for some municipalities in Abidjan city. Abobo-Té, a neighbourhood in the municipality of Abobo, has suffered from water shortages since 2015, especially during the dry season. Residents of the neighborhood therefore [...]