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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 3. How transport administrations manage the transition to a more diverse workforce and the need for new skills and competencies in a changing transport sector

  • IP0436 - Day One Competency Training Programme to Equip Diversifying Engineering Staff with First Principle Skills

    The transport sector is continually changing and the demands for workforce diversification means that change is sometimes implemented at the expense of experience. In Low and Middle Income Counties (LMICs), skill retention is a serious problem, with the lure of high-tech, high income countries continuously depleting skills. The expectation of young engineers is to implement new ideas and using the [...]

  • IP0046 - Inclusion of women in non-traditional occupations on rural roads - Case Paraguay
    Andrea PERIS

    It is a scaled-up project aimed at implementing new practices regarding the inclusion of women in non-traditional occupations, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay and the Directorate of Neighbourhood Roads, as the executing agency of this project. According to data from 2016, the labour participation rate of Paraguayan women was relatively close to the regional average, [...]

  • IP0324 - Inclusive Road Agencies
    Norma Susana SUAREZ

    Infrastructure promotes job creation, increased competitiveness and productivity, and regional integration. However, in this context there are gaps in access and use of infrastructure with economic and social disparities as well as gender and diversity. The proposal is the participation of diverse perspectives that with an inclusive culture drive better decision making, and stimulate gender-diverse [...]

  • IP0716 - Promoting female participation in non-traditional jobs at the transport sector: practical experiences from Latin America

    Infrastructure investments have a double effect on peoples´ live. It improves the access to services and goods, while also promotes the generation of new jobs in the surrounding areas. Yet, the benefits derived from these projects are not always distributed equally between men and woman. For example, gender stereotypes can limit women labor participation in jobs related with road construction activities. [...]

  • IP0014 - Techniques and Tools to Support Diverse Groups of Employees within the Transit Workforce
    Mehri MOHEBBI

    The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of creating a resilient, forward-thinking system that equitably serves underprivileged and/or minority communities. In transportation systems, the key to enhanced resiliency is workforce diversity. The transportation industry, largely a male-dominated, professional environment that lacks a wide range of skills and lived experiences, is currently experiencing [...]

  • IP0279 - Understanding the need to diversify highways industry and how National Highways and the industry is achieving this
    Marshel WEERAKONE

    This highway industry is undertaking a huge amount of work in ensuring its work force are continuously developed to support in future delivery of construction schemes. In the UK, most highway professional are members of a professional engineering institution. These institutions provide professional practical training, lectures and journals to support individuals in delivering design and construction [...]

  • IP0502 - Women in the Transport Workforce - Case Studies from Around the World
    Jennie MARTIN

    As preparatory research for the paper, I will survey women around the world in order to get their lived experience of, and opinions on, working in the transport sector. The first part of my paper will present the outcomes of this survey and provide analysis of the answers. The second part of the paper will be taken up by presenting recommendations for improving the experience of women in the transport [...]