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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 8. How post-Covid recovery funds are allocated to the development of road infrastructures

  • IP0471 - Post-Covid Economic Recovery in the Highway Project in Barranca Larga Ventanilla Oaxaca, Mexico
    Elvia Raquel BLANCO MARTINEZ , Francisco Javier FERNÁNDEZ ALMANZA

    One of the major challenges for construction companies is to subsist following the pandemic which has provoked one of the worst crises in recent history. The characterization as pandemic means that an epidemic has spread through several countries, continents or the whole world, affecting an immense number of people. The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, [...]

  • IP0620 - Road Infrastructure Development Policy and Strategy Due to The Covid Pandemic From State Budget Perspective
    M. Yoga Mandala PUTRA

    The world has to face the global pandemic of Covid-19 that has started from the late 2019. While some countries were already fighting the pandemic, Covid-19 was just striking Indonesia in the early 2020. Since the virus began to spread in Indonesia, the pandemic had caused the unstable and indistinct condition to the nation affecting lots of sectors, including the road infrastructures development. [...]

  • IP0216 - The change and its continuation of the interest of highway rest facility users after the COVID-19 pandemic
    Katsunobu OKAMOTO

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes in the use of commercial facilities and changes in the consumption of entertainment such as travel, which in turn may have affected the use of highway rest facilities (SAPAs). The purpose of this study is to determine how interest in SAPA has changed and continues to change as a result of the behavioural changes in consumers brought about by the COVID-19 [...]

  • IP0069 - What role for road infrastructure in post-Covid recovery strategies? An international comparison
    Nicolas GAUBERT

    The aim of the paper is to provide an overview of the place of roads in post-Covid recovery strategies. The authors of this paper have already published an important study, unveiled in 2021 ("Mobilities and Recovery in Europe: Impacts of the Covid Crisis-19 - a comparative analysis at European level") which analysed the place of infrastructure in the recovery plans of 11 European countries. This [...]