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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 15. How information technology can improve socio economic resilience

  • IP0209 - Development of a Roadway Flood Severity Index

    Flooding is among the costliest and deadliest weather disasters. Moreover, different types of flooding have significant impacts on the transportation network and infrastructure including flash, riverine, urban, coastal, and storm surge. The variety of flooding scenarios makes it challenging to quantify the impacts of flooding on transportation across spatial scales; however, such metrics would be [...]

  • IP0318 - Digital twin city and its application for crisis management in transport

    City digital twins are a virtual representation of a city's physical assets in one interconnected environment. This enables the creation of complex simulation models that can be updated and changed (real-time) as their physical equivalents change. This form of interactivity brings new value to the city, since decisions can be made using a unified data view. Paper will show one of the layers [...]

  • IP0777 - Evacuation Model of Train Station Using Anonymous Data from Pedestrian Traffic Flow Detector
    Ondrej UHLIK

    With increasing interest in the use of public transport, attention needs to be paid to the operational layout and safety of transport nodes. Microscopic agent-based models are increasingly being used to analyse evacuation scenarios during emergencies. The calibration of these models is often problematic due to the lack of data associated with a specific object (e.g. number of people). The use [...]

  • IP0345 - New weather information utilization during snow damage by road maintenance company

    Weather disaster is increasing in Japan recent year. These weather disasters impact for expressway maintenance. First, rainy season and snow season representative cases introduce below. 1.Rainy and typhoon season Typhoon and big liner rain belt most affect in Japan. In Aug-2021, Kyushu and Chugoku region area expressway affect big liner rain belt for 2 weeks. As a result these area expressway [...]