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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 22. Greening Freight Transport

  • IP0035 - A comparison between rail and road transport as a strategy to reduce GHGs in Mexico
    Juan Fernando MENDOZA SANCHEZ

    Freight transportation in Mexico has grown significantly since the entry into force of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has brought with it direct and indirect environmental impacts on the country's principal transportation corridors. In Mexico, most of the cargo in the corridors is transported by truck. Road transportation is currently one of the main sources that generates the largest [...]

  • IP0075 - High performance surface textures – designed according to requirements

    One of the most important characteristics of pavements from the user’s perspective is the surface texture. Among other points it affects skid resistance, noise emissions, driving comfort, rolling resistance, thus fuel consumption and tire wear. Depending on the kind of pavement, regardless whether concrete or asphalt, there are different focuses, e. g. noise emission for high-speed roads, durable [...]

  • IP0112 - Locating hub facilities and routing cargo bikes for urban areas last-mile deliveries
    Elise HENRY

    Urban logistic, also known as last-mile delivery logistic, essential in our cities to the supply of goods, is responsible of a huge part of the pollutant emission and negative externalities such as emissions, noises, congestion, etc. This field must be improved to improve the quality of life of the people. Moreover, the logistic flows are growing rapidly with the increase of e-commerce, accentuated [...]

  • IP0195 - Sustainable urban logistics roadmaps to green freight transport
    Cédric BARIOU , Hélène DE-SOLÈRE

    Last-mile logistics for goods deliveries in towns has a strong environmental impact, accounting for 50% of fine particle emissions and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, despite a modest part of the urban traffic. It is a booming activity and many communities are faced with a double question : how to ensure the economic life of the city center while limiting the externalities due to the delivery vehicles? [...]

  • IP0121 - Transition to carbon-neutral freight transport: A case of electric boda boda in Nairobi City County, Kenya
    James MORONGE

    Kenya has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas by 32% by 2030 as part it commitment to the Paris Agreement. One of the strategies of achieving this target is by decarbonising freight transport through transition to electric mobility. This study sought to evaluate the transition to electric freight boda boda in the study area as a way of achieving carbon-neutral freight transport. Research findings [...]