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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 21. Freight: Monitoring and regulation to reduce overloading and associated road network damage

  • IP0616 - Approval of the first direct enforcement weigh-in-motion station in Wallonia – World first in terms of accuracy and confidence levels
    Sarah GABRIEL

    The testing of overloaded vehicles is a major issue that has been part of the objectives of the Walloon Government for several years now, in order, firstly, to guarantee the sustainability of the road network, secondly, to limit the number of accidents involving overloaded trucks and, lastly, to combat unfair competition between international road carriers. After several years of studies and work, [...]

  • IP0125 - Bridge Monitoring and Data-Driven Structural Asset Management
    Robert HEYWOOD

    The state of Queensland, Australia has a substantial road network with 32,000 km of road with approximately 3,300 bridges. This road network supports diverse economic activity including mining, agriculture, tourism, construction, supply chains, and renewable energy. Over recent years Queensland has experienced substantial growth in heavy vehicles transporting large indivisible items on low-loader [...]

  • IP0235 - Conceptual approach to WIM implementation
    Roman SRP

    This paper informs about the main knowledge gained, conclusions and recommendations resulting from the Conceptual approach to WIM implementation, which was made in 2021 by the expert team of SDT (ITS&S) for the needs of Road and Motorway Company of Czech Republic (?SD). Exceeding the overall weight limits of vehicles is one of the main causes for excessive wear and tear and damage on road networks. [...]

  • IP0397 - Considerations about Road Safety and Logistics of Transport of Air Generator Components on Road BR-020/CE.
    Eudemberg PINHEIRO

    The importance of developing renewable and environmentally sustainable energies is unquestionable. In this sense, onshore wind power generation parks have expanded worldwide. However, in addition to the important considerations about the generation of wind energy itself, the present work intends to focus and bring to the discussion issues related to the logistics of road transport of large loads. [...]

  • IP0657 - Construction of weight in motion systems on motorways in the Czech republic
    Ondřej HOLUB

    The contribution that we can offer contains the experience from the introduction of high-speed weighing systems in the Czech Republic, the advantages and disadvantages of this method of weighing vehicles, the problems we encountered during the construction and operation of these systems, the number of offences and their severity and structure. We can offer our experience with the legislation, its [...]

  • IP0512 - Direct enforcement of overloads: extensive full scale tests and certification procedure of WIM systems
    Bernard JACOB

    Overloaded road vehicles induce road unsafety, deterioration of infrastructure and unfair competition in freight transport. The European Directive 96/53 (revised 2015/719) enforces vehicle weights and dimensions and requires Member States to carry out checks and report on them. Weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems currently detect overloaded vehicles prior enforcing them on approved static scales. The [...]

  • IP0552 - Measures and Investments for Enhancing Safety of Heavy Vehicles in Hungary
    Tomaschek TAMÁS ATTILA

    There are currently 39 permanent HGV control stations at 25 locations in operation along the 32,000-km-long national road network. These control points for heavy vehicles are located partly at the border crossing points of the EU (Schengen Area), and partly along the main international transport corridors. All control points (both on the motorway and road network) aside from the border crossings are [...]

  • IP0630 - Over-weight truck detection with Bridge-WIM system
    Jorge SEMIAO

    The increase of truck flow and weight and the deterioration of bridge assets simultaneously occurring set the stage for bridge owners to strengthen the control over overweight trucks. Recent bridge collapses occurred in Europe (Mirepoix, 2019), in Asia (Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 2011) and in America (Dale Bend Bridge Arkansas,2019). These events reminded bridge owners the issue of bridge maintenance, [...]

  • IP0370 - Reducing Overloaded Vehicles Impact on Indonesia Road Agency Cost by Design Approach

    Overloaded vehicles is one of the crucial issues in Indonesia's road transport system. From a freight forwarder and logistics provider point of view, adding more loads beyond the allowed capacity is considered an efficient way to reduce transportation costs. In contrast, from the road agency's perspective, overloaded vehicle increases road maintenance costs. According to a World Bank study in 2012, [...]

  • IP0714 - The Need for Weigh-In-Motion Systems on Roads to Avoid Potholes: A Case of South Africa
    Mukhodeni MUTHIGE

    Potholes are everywhere and are a problem. A newspaper article reported that there are more potholes than households in South Africa. The mentioned figure is 7 million more, totalling 25 million potholes on the paved road network of 168,000 kilometres in South Africa. The latter figure equates to 149 potholes per kilometre. Potholes are a problem not only in South Africa but worldwide, but not all [...]