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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 44. Forensic engineering for structural failures

  • IP0234 - Procedures in forensic engineering applied to the old Cancura bridge, Los Lagos Region, Chile
    Matias VALENZUELA , Marcelo MARQUEZ

    In the early morning of June 23, 2018, one of the pier of the Cancura Bridge, located in the Los Lagos Region, collapsed, with unfortunate consequences. its fall occurred during the execution of a contract to strenghten the foundations and caused fatalities. In order to elucidate the causes that led to the collapse of the structure, and so that this type of situation does not happen again, the Road [...]

  • IP0020 - Technical assessment of the Redzinski Bridge 10 years after opening
    Krzysztof ZOLTOWSKI , Przemyslaw KALITOWSKI , Mikołaj BINCZYK

    The Redzinski Bridge over the Odra River in Wrocław is one of the largest cable stayed concrete road bridges in Europe. In 2020, research work was carried out to assess the condition of the structure of the Rędziński Bridge in Wrocław after 10 years of operation. As a part of expert research, the forces in the bridge cables were measured using the vibration method. Geodetic measurements of spans [...]