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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 46. Earthworks for the Environment

  • IP0341 - A Simple Method for Estimating Long-term Differential Settlement at Bridge Ends
    Moon S. NAM

    The section that degrades the ride comfort of a vehicle traveling on a highway mainly occurs at the bridge ends. The cause of riding discomfort at the bridge ends is the difference in the amount of settlement between the bridge section where settlement occurs relatively little and the large amount of settlement on the embankment section. The settlement on the embankment causes by poor compaction, [...]

  • IP0063 - Alternative Materials in Earthworks – the European Approach
    František KRESTA

    The utilization of alternative materials in earthworks has a long tradition dating back to at least the middle of the 20th century. The use of alternative materials is an important part of an active approach to protecting the environment, reducing emissions, and reducing the carbon footprint. Since the legislation in the field of waste is strict, it is an effort to ensure that alternative materials [...]

  • IP0432 - Moving the Forest to Minimize the Effects of Earthworks and Accelerate the Restoration of Environmental Compensation (Québec, Canada)
    Julien-Michel BLONDIN-PROVOST

    The construction of new roads or their widening often has major environmental impacts. To reduce these impacts, the approach used in environmental assessments is first to avoid the impacts and, if it fails, then minimize them through mitigation measures and finally compensate the residual losses. In a context of climate crisis and loss of biodiversity, the natural woodland component is becoming increasingly [...]

  • IP0219 - Soil treatment by fluidized bed combustion fly ash – from laboratory tests to the pilot application
    František KRESTA , Bohuslav SLÁNSKÝ

    Fly ash for soil treatment is described in EN 16907-4 and according to this standard they represent hydraulic binders. In the past, fly ash was mainly used as a component of hydraulic road binders. Only in recent years the interest in their use in the field of soil treatment without additional additives has begun to grow. In the Czech Republic, calcareous fly ash from fluidized bed combustion from [...]

  • IP0038 - The consideration of live loading in the design and assessment of earth structures
    Paul NOWAK

    In assessing the stability of earthworks and earth structures a component of live load is considered as acting unfavorably with regard to stability. This live load component represents a transient traffic load which is modelled as a quasi-static load in accordance with EN 1997-1:2004 in Europe. The live load component has been historically taken from bridge engineering where any traffic load is [...]