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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 47. Digitalization of Road Tunnel Design and Management

  • IP0080 - Application of Predictive Maintenance in Technological Tunnel Systems
    Tomáš TICHÝ , Jiří BROŽ , Tomáš ŠMERDA , Zuzana BĚLINOVÁ

    This article focuses on the use of predictive diagnostics and maintenance of technological equipment and systems in tunnels. Based on data analysis and new conditions for equipping urban and highway tunnels with new ITS technology such as C-ITS, there are new methods of vehicle detection and deployment, and operation of already existing systems (ventilation, fire alarms, traffic signs, control systems), [...]

  • IP0282 - Digitalization of the Blanka Tunnel Complex Life Cycle
    Michal LAVKO , Jaku KARLÍČEK , Oto SLÁDEK

    The article is focused on digitalization of design and management of the tunnel complex Blanka in Prague, Czech Republic. Custom Computer-Aided Facility Management software (CAFM) was developed by companies SATRA, Kybertec, supported by Arkance Systems, specifically for management and maintenance of the Blanka tunnel complex. It contains of six main parts as maintenance, service, application [...]

  • IP0098 - Good Practices for the Design, Construction and Operation of a Tunnel using the BIM Methodology

    The Directive 2014/24/UE encourages the use of the BIM Methodology in the contest of public works. This presentation will present the implementation process of this Methodology in the Caldearenas Tunnel Project on the A-23 motorway in Spain when it was still under construction, during the civil works in the adsence of carring out the implementation of the facilities and equipments. In a infrastructure, [...]

  • IP0071 - Information modelling in the built environment of settlements with a focus on the tunnel transportation system and related technical infrastructure

    The contribution focuses on the issue of prepared Digital Technical Map of the Czech Republic and its expansion with data and information sets that will create a comprehensive information model of public space compatible with building information systems (BIM model). The entire proposal and description focuses on transport and technical infrastructure as well as on innovative information modelling [...]

  • IP0333 - Operational Safety Considerations for HGV Platooning in Tunnels
    Ali MAHDMINA , Hélène MONGEOT , Antoine MOS , Franziska SCHMIDT

    The technology for communication between cooperative vehicles for the purpose of platooning of HGVs has been trialled by all the major HGV manufacturers. The ENSEMBLE project was set up to pave the way for the adoption of multi-brand truck platooning in Europe to improve fuel economy, traffic safety and throughput by demonstrating driving of up to seven differently branded trucks in one (or more) [...]

  • IP0646 - Using the BIM method on the construction sites of the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic
    Josef ŠEJNOHA , Josef ŽÁK

    The BIM (Building Information Modeling / Management) method has been used by the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RSD) since 2017, in connection with the obligations set by Government Resolution No. 682 of 25 September 2017. In the Czech Republic (CR), the concept of the implementation of the BIM method is defined by its gestor, which is the Ministry of Industry and Trade. One [...]