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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 38. Digital and physical security for the resilience of infrastructure and transport

  • IP0505 - Best practices and tips to limit theft and vandalism of road assets
    Philippe CHANARD

    Road managers are confronted daily with theft and vandalism. Very often, the consequences are significant because, in addition to the damage to material assets which are not always quickly repaired, the image of the road service is damaged and the morale of maintenance staff is affected. The most common cases of vandalism are graffiti on structures, but also on signs and even on speed cameras. Few [...]

  • IP0704 - Current road security problems in the Romanian territory due to the illegal transport of dangerous goods
    Flavius-Florin PAVĂL

    Following the events of September 11, 2001, regulatory bodies in the field of international law considered it necessary to develop and implement security measures in the field of road and rail transport of dangerous goods, as well as on inland waterways against possible terrorist risks. In addition, recent events in Europe have reinforced the need for transportation security regulations and vigilance. [...]

  • IP0280 - New Safety and Security Requirements for Road Infrastructure in the AI era
    Zábovský MICHAL

    New technologies transform processes in transportation of goods and passengers rapidly. Current demands for faster, more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper transportation form basic requirements for solutions available for existing and new infrastructure, as well as new challenges appear due to the new technologies adoption and their specific features and requirements in transportation. We will address [...]

  • IP0286 - Securing smart mobility using HD maps
    Boris BUČKO

    In recent years, the concept of smart mobility has become increasingly integrated into the transport systems of cities and individual countries. Smart mobility means not only the use of state-of-the-art technologies, but also innovative thinking in solving problems in transport and urban planning. However, technology is an integral part of this concept. Traditional forms of traffic monitoring and [...]

  • IP0463 - The difficulties of risk assessments for complex network infrastructure: applications to the security and the resilience of road infrastructure.
    Saverio PALCHETTI

    Accidents, whether natural, accidental or harmful, are inevitable and, in some cases, unpredictable. Reducing vulnerabilities to cyber and physical attacks or accidents and developing resilience are key objectives in critical infrastructure protection. To such an aim, a series of consolidated approaches and methodologies have been developed, supported by international standards, guidelines and best [...]

  • IP0536 - Tunnel security, a complex approach for complex structures
    Philippe CHANARD

    Tunnels are covered structures designed to allow the underground passage of a road, railway or waterway. They can be short, medium or long (over 2500 m), one-way or two-way. They may be successive; they may be small gauge; they may be intermodal; they may serve car parks in urban areas; they may also have multiple underground entrances and exits. Modern tunnels are sophisticated, due to the presence [...]