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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 26. Data as an enabler for road operators and C-ITS: The journey to better decision making and road network management

  • IP0479 - Artificial Intelligence in Road Congestion Prediction
    Ulrich ZORIN

    As road managers, we have more and more data collected through road traffic detection systems, from vehicles, and social networks, from weather station systems and road infrastructure systems. Since the traffic on the roads is increasing enormously, congestion is increasing in parallel, and we have to carry out road works in a well-thought-out schedule. We must take into account vacations, holidays, [...]

  • IP0695 - Central digital evidence of traffic restrictions on the road network of the Czech Republic - C-ZONE
    Marek ŠČERBA

    In the current practice in the Czech Republic in the field of system input of traffic restrictions, there is a lack of data for new generation applications, data for cooperative systems. At the same time, there is a lack of data for retrospective analysis and problems arising from already implemented traffic closures and improving the coordination of traffic restrictions across the entire transport [...]

  • IP0571 - Comprehensive full spectrum road condition evaluation – A strategy to optimize road owner maintenance budgets and minimise traffic accidents
    Bjarne SCHMIDT

    Preserving an existing road network and optimizing the use of financial resources requires reliable information on condition and robust methodologies for optimizing the requisite investment. A well-maintained road infrastructure and correct intervention strategies to ensure an economically feasible use of resources, is a vital element in keeping society in motion and, ultimately, make roads safer [...]

  • IP0773 - Connectivity and C-ITS in the UK

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have evolved over the last 20 years from simple traffic signals, traffic detectors, and signs operated by human operators, into interconnected systems connecting and interfacing more directly to individual users with increasing levels of automated control through the emergence of connected and automated vehicle technologies. This change has occurred through a wide [...]

  • IP0493 - Data processing architecture for C-ITS: use cases, technical solutions and future directions
    Abdelmename HEDHLI , Léo MENDIBOURE , Sassi MAALOUL

    Data processing is a major challenge for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). Indeed, some applications related to connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) are driving the development of ever more complex C-ITS services: automated driving, remote driving, platooning, etc. However, these applications have significant constraints in terms of Quality of Service (QoS): latency, reliability, [...]

  • IP0306 - Development of an interactive dashboard for traffic analytics
    Laura REY RAMOS

    Recent studies aimed at the development of machine learning models to analyse and predict mobility patterns and their impact on road traffic and infrastructure. In addition, the recent situation of mobility restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for continuous monitoring of traffic behaviour and user response to imposed measures. However, the utility of these models [...]

  • IP0099 - Estimation of Flow rate and Saturation Flow Rate at Signalized Intersections Using Probe Data

    Traffic signals are the main devices for controlling traffic to guarantee the safe crossing of opposing streams of vehicles and pedestrians. As traffic demand increases, signal operations become more and more important. Efficient signal controls lead to less congestion and smooth operations while poor signal controls could result in severe congestion or even a network gridlock. Most existing adaptive [...]

  • IP0016 - How to use the existing infrastructure to collect data and comunicate tomorrow already!
    Diane GUÉRAND

    Presentation of a solution based on the existing network of Emergency call boxes: A- to collect traffic (additional BTH board) and infrastructure (additional LoRa concentrator) information to: 1- Provide origin destination information to the road operator 2- Provide statistics and event impact on traffic information 3- Help manage more efficiently road infrastructure B- And communicate (same BTH [...]

  • IP0641 - Probe Vehicle Data as input source for road maintenance

    Since 2014 NIRA Dynamics has been working with connected vehicles, bringing the previous 20+ years of experience in developing vehicle software products into the connected and aggregated world of today. The NIRA software is installed at the production facilities of the VW Group passenger vehicles. Each one of the vehicles (~2 million annually, starting late 2020) act as an individual road probe, [...]

  • IP0610 - The use of Big Data to enable environmentally aware Intelligent Transportation Systems by understanding the effect of weather on transport in an urban environment
    Daniel JOHNS

    This paper will discuss quantitative results from one of the world’s largest data gathering projects in the realm of transport and weather. Across the West Midlands districts of England, that include the city of Birmingham, a large network of Weather, Air Quality and AI driven Traffic sensing devices have been deployed operationally. There are a total of 62 environmental observations stations and [...]