Welcome to the Prague 2023 Pre-Proceedings!

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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Closing ceremony

Friday, October 6 14:30 - 16:30
Room: Congress Hall, 1st, 2nd & 4th floor

The closing ceremony will include a summary of the highlights of the Congress and a presentation of the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan that will guide PIARC activities over the next four years.
During the official handover, the host countries of the next PIARC Congress will invite delegates to join.

The closing ceremony will take place as follows:

  • Artistic cultural performance from host country
  • Highlights of the Congress, by Czech General Rapporteur
  • Technical conclusions of the Congress, by Patrick Malléjacq, Secretary General of PIARC
  • Signing of the Memorandum for the XVIIth World Winter Road Congress (Chambéry, 2026)
  • Congress awards (best session, best presentation, best national report), by Miguel Caso Flórez, PIARC Technical Director
  • Excellence in Promoting Gender inclusion and Diversity Award, by Emanuela Stocchi, Chair of the PIARC Gender inclusion and Diversity team
  • Invitation to upcoming PIARC Congresses, by Robin Sébille, PIARC Deputy Secretary General
  • Invitation to the XVIIth World Winter Road Congress (Chambéry, 2026)
  • Invitation to the XXVIIIth World Road Congress (2027)
  • Invitation by IRF to the IRF’s World Congress (Istanbul, 2024)
  • Closing speech by Nazir Alli, President of PIARC
  • Closing by Petr Mondschein, Chair of the Czech Road Society
  • Closing by Deputy Minister Bernard and Deputy Mayor of Prague Hřib