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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 20. Challenges and solutions for rural roads

  • IP0313 - Challenges and solutions for rural roads in Burkina Faso
    Donzala David SOME

    In Burkina Faso, 24% of the road network was paved in 2015. That is to say, a large portion of the road network remains made up of unpaved roads and feeder roads. However, with the ever-increasing need for mobility of people, goods and services in rural areas, many challenges need to be met in terms of opening up. One of these challenges concerns the implementation of links between secondary and/or [...]

  • IP0268 - Effect of Surface Layer’s Bearing Capacity on Unsealed Road Corrugation

    Unsealed roads cover up to 63% of Australia’s road network. In many instances, these roads represent the single means of transportation for communities and industries while bridging the local economy. Because of their remote locations and excessive lengths involved, any means of reducing the maintenance requirements on these roads will be of significant benefit to the local governments. Unsealed [...]

  • IP0327 - Environmental study of the impact on surface waters in the natural environment of the use of milk of lime used for the treatment of the asphalt bleeding phenomena
    Laurent FRITEYRE , Jean-Michel SIGAUD , Delphine REBIERE , David BACHELLERIE , Catherine FRANCK-NEEL , Claire DETRUIT , Céline BARRAILH , David GOUTALAND , Sylvain MOREIRA , Pierre MÉTAIS , Régis CHEVALIER

    French road network, mostly monitored by county councils, is made up mainly of pavements structures using surface dressing as wearing courses. As we can observe, climate does change and successive heat waves might catalyze surfaces degradations due to the asphalt bleeding phenomena: the bitumen starts to liquify and go back up to the surface. It appears as a thin film, reflective liquid or oil [...]

  • IP0585 - High Life Pollution Free Cold Mix Technology Using Converted Hot Mix Plant (HMP) in Rural Road Construction and Maintenance in India
    Rajeev AGARWAL

    National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (NRIDA), India is taking lead to construct and repair Rural Roads under PMGSY schemes which is 73 % of total road network. Both hot mix and cold mix technologies are being used in the construction and maintenance of Rural Roads for black-topping (wearing course) applications. Cold mix technology using Patented Tailor-made Cold Binder is being implemented [...]

  • IP0478 - Long-Life Pavement Structures for Rural Road Network Regarding the Hungarian Road Operating and Maintenance Conditions
    Szabolcs NYIRI

    Although the national road network’s sections have been continuously reconstructed and renewed in recent years, road surveys show that the pavement condition and the bearing capacity of almost 50% of the 23 000 km of the secondary road network is still poor or inadequate. According to the latest available statistics, the age distribution of the secondary road network shows that 41% (9 332 km) of [...]

  • IP0776 - Managing Safety Aspects of Rural Roads
    Azwan Ezzany AZMI , Harry EVDORIDES

    Rural road networks play a vital role in increasing the socioeconomic level of a country. However, the safety aspects of the rural road are sometimes ignored. This may increase the total transport cost due to the loss of lives and properties. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate a framework on how to manage road safety on rural roads based on different road maintenance strategies. The framework [...]

  • IP0237 - Mexican strategy for the improvement road safety of rural two-lane roads

    This study is the result of a Road Safety Audit of a single carriageway with two lanes of traffic, which changes geometric characteristics between A2 and B2 roads, whose geometric differences are partly due to two improvement measures successfully used in other countries: widening of lanes and paved shoulders. As a result of this audit, it was detected that the main operational problems which arise [...]

  • IP0583 - New and Innovative materials for Road construction in India

    New and Innovative materials for Road construction in India Sanjay Kumar Nirmal, Director General (Road Development) and Secretary General , Indian Roads Congress, INDIA Abstract The Indian Roads Congress (IRC) is the oldest and most important representative technical body of highway engineers in India setup in 1934. Indian Roads Congress is working tirelessly to incorporate the latest and [...]

  • IP0405 - Policies for gravel road maintenance in Finland
    Jarkko PIRINEN

    Changes have taken place in the operating environment of gravel roads, e.g. as an increase in agricultural concentrations, changes in the economic structure and an increase in the masses and dimensions of the vehicle stock. The maintenance period when the ground is not frozen will be extended and winters will be milder. The share of gravel roads in the road network is about 35%, but the share of total [...]

  • IP0316 - Practical guide of road safety measures on semi-urban crossings
    Jaime CAMPOS

    A large part of the world's population lives in rural areas, thus avoiding living in large cities. Rural roads are often the only access route and must guarantee accessibility and mobility in all these areas. This situation has led to the proliferation of homes, schools and health care facilities on the outskirts of urban centers, resulting in small rural roads sections with semi-urban characteristics, [...]

  • IP0322 - Rural roads become local roads: lessons from Cameroon's experience

    In most sub-Saharan African countries, the intended driving role of rural roads in the economy is severely hampered by the lack of a sufficiently clear institutional framework to ensure that their maintenance is properly planned, funded and implemented (Riverson, Gaviria & Thriscutt, 1991). Several authors have examined decentralization and established its positive impact, specifically in the road [...]

  • IP0008 - Rural Roads in Nepal
    Sharad SHRESTHA

    "RURAL ROADS IN NEPAL” SHRESTHA SHARAD K., Former Joint Secretary (Technical), Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (Past), email ID: sharadshrestha23@gmail.com Abstract Based on past efforts, Nepal needs a large rural road network for the overall economic development. The government has realised this need and put its major emphasis on rural road network development as one [...]

  • IP0764 - Rurals Roads in Mali
    Cheick Oumar DIALLO

    INTRODUCTION As part of the implementation of the National Policy for Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Accessibility (PNTITD) and the achievement of the objectives of the National Strategy for Rural Transport (SNTR), the Government of Mali s is engaged with the support of the World Bank in the preparation and implementation of the Rural Accessibility Improvement Project. The development objective [...]

  • IP0564 - Safe roads for women in rural areas

    Subjects to be adressed in the presentation: - Road safety in rural areas ( in particular in LMICs) - Women needs in rural areas and Mobility patterns of women in rural areas - Road infrastructure in many countries worldwide and in particular in LMICs is still designed without consideration of these vulnerable groups, prioritizing cars and other motorized transport. - Developing countries have [...]

  • IP0291 - Strategies and measures for the maintenance of rural roads in Burkina Faso from 2000 to 2022
    Inoussa DIANDA

    In Burkina Faso, rural roads are culturally degraded each year under the effect of human actions and climate change. This is how torrential rains, erosion, truck overloads deteriorate bridges and rural tracks. In this context, rural populations adopt endogenous solutions for the maintenance of these rural roads. These endogenous actions of rural populations are supported by the Burkinabe State through [...]

  • IP0127 - Treatment of filler or in-place materials with polymer-based stabilizers: Case of rural roads in the territory of the Casablanca - Settat (Morocco)
    Solaymane SLIMANI ALAOUI

    The technique used for the development of rural roads in the Casablanca-Settat Region, within the framework of the Moroccan MASSALEK II program, is an innovative technique which consists in treating the materials added or in place with stabilizing products based on polymers. . The performances sought by the use of this new technique are essentially the improvement of the bearing capacity of the [...]

  • IP0562 - Tunisian Rural roads from design to construction

    Presentation will go through: - Importance of rural roads in Low and income scountries and in Tunisia - Presentation of the actual situal of rural roads Network in Tunisia -Road project cycle from Engineering design to execution - Challenges for road construction and road mainatennace

  • IP0495 - Women improving rural roads in Mexico
    Luz GRADILLA , Elsa MORALES , Fernando MENDOZA

    The transportation infrastructure construction could be an area of opportunity to increase women's participation in the labor market, especially in rural road construction and maintenance activities that employ labor-intensive methods. In the case of Mexico, it is available the participation of women in the Road Paving Program of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation. [...]