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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Pre-proceedings of the Congress

Topic 42. Bridge resilience considering natural hazards

  • IP0383 - Bridge inspection training using the latest VR technology for engineers in Zambia through OJT program project introduced by JICA
    Aoi HIROKI

    The JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) technical cooperation project "Zambia Bridge Maintenance and Management Capacity Improvement Project Phase II" started in 2019 for three years with the aim of promoting the diffusion of bridge maintenance and management technology in the African country of Zambia. The project included activities to provide technical guidance to Zambian National Highway [...]

  • IP0443 - Combination of retrograde erosion phenomena and change in land use

    The present work highlights the impact of the combination of retrograde erosion phenomena and change in land use, to the works of art located on National Route No. 12 (RN N° 12) that integrates the bioceanic corridor within the area of influence of the region of one of the most important wetlands in the world, located in the Argentine Northeast (NEA). On April 2017, in this region of the country, [...]

  • IP0095 - Dynamic and Seismic Behavior of Composite Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks CFRP
    Mouloud ABDESSEMED

    Structures and in particular bridges are always subjected to vibrations, either under the effects of civil and military overloads or under the effect of the ambient excitation. Therefore, any bridge must be monitored and controlled periodically in order to avoid its deterioration and/or ruin in case of coincidence of its frequent vibration with the resonance frequency during an earthquake. Structures, [...]

  • IP0612 - Efforts related to earthquake disaster prevention on the Metropolitan Expressway
    Suda IKUE

    Bridge’s columns of the Metropolitan Expressway had been seismic reinforced since the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 urgently in order to prevent collapsing after a large-scale earthquake happened. However, these structures are requiring not only enough capacity for collapsing but also structural safety to carry emergency transportation after a large-scale earthquake happens. In addition, if these [...]

  • IP0299 - Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Hanger Replacement

    Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is a Suspension Bridge in Istanbul completed in 1988 having a main span of 1090m.The overall width of the bridge is 39.4m and it carries four (4) lanes of traffic in each direction. Since its opening to traffic the bridge had been under heavy traffic burden being the main axis of heavy vehicle transportation between European and Asian sides of Turkey. Recent site investigations [...]

  • IP0336 - Method for determining the hydraulic freeboard in bridges

    A hydraulic freeboard is the clearance (measure of the vertical distance) between the water surface of the maximum flood to be considered in a given bridge, and the lowest point of its superstructure. This air space is of fundamental importance to ensure that the hydraulic flow can be considered as that of an open channel, where the water runs off at atmospheric pressure and due to a certain slope. [...]

  • IP0294 - Prestressed concrete bridges - assessment of diagnostic surveys in Czech Republic
    Václav HVÍZDAL

    2017 - there collapsed Troje pedestrian bridge over Vltava river in Prague. Next year several existing prestressed bridges were found in poor condition due to tendons corossion. After tragedy in Genua 2018 when motorway bridge collapsed and many people died, Czech Ministry of transport decided that diagnostics of most prestressed bridges on base motorway and railway network would be performed. The main interest was focused on tendons condition. There will be presented results of these extraordinary survey which give us background for future decision making on prestressed bridges

  • IP0388 - Seismic retrofit of a simply supported girder in Seto-Ohashi Bridges
    Kaneda TAKAO

    This paper presents a replacement of existing steel bearings by isolation rubber as a seismic retrofitting measure to a part of the Hitsuishijima Viaduct in Seto-Ohashi Bridges. The Seto-Ohashi Bridges are highway-railway combined bridges and consists of three suspension bridges, two cable-stayed bridges, three truss bridges and viaducts. All bridges accommodate 4-lanes for expressway on the upper [...]

  • IP0684 - Shaking Table Tests of a Simply-Supported Bridge Scaled Model
    Luca RIGHETTI , Francesca CIARALLO

    The paper presents an experimental study on the seismic behaviour of a specimen that reproduces, in a small-scale model, a typical, simply supported, single-span bridge to identify possible strengthening techniques that could improve its resilience. The study is part of the RAFAEL (System for Risk Analysis and Forecast for Critical Infrastructure in the ApenninEs dorsaL Regions) project, whose purpose [...]